Report Recommending Province Cut Funding In Education, Health, And To Municipalities

The provincial government is potentially looking to cut back on spending in multiple sectors including education and health.

The MacKinnon Report was released on Tuesday which aimed to review and highlight the amount of funds the province spends every year.

The report noted Alberta spends the most money on health across Canada, noting the province should look at reducing costs to close the gab between other provinces.

This also includes using their ‘legislative options’ to limit the increasing cost of physician services.

As for education, it’s being recommended the provincial government look at decreasing the percentage of funding by more than seven per cent.

It’s also being recommended they work with post-secondary institutions so they become less dependent on provincial grants.

“Alberta has a spending problem and the government needs to act quickly and decisively to reduce its spending,” said Janice MacKinnon, Chair of MacKinnon Panel. “The province needs to go beyond merely cutting spending to transform the way programs and services are delivered.”

Meanwhile, the province may also look at changing the framework for capital funding to municipalities.

The report suggests the GoA make communities put more of their own funds towards municipal projects, while also aiming to adjust its grant process.

Concerns About Report

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is calling these possible changes ‘a recipe for hardship and suffering.’

They believe cutting funds to the health, education, and other sectors will have a dramatic impact on families across Alberta.

“A growing province needs strong public services,” said Rory Gill, CUPE Alberta President. “The Kenney government should reject this approach.”

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