UCP Calls For Legal Action As Bill C-69 Proclaimed Into Law

A controversial bill dubbed the by critics as the ‘No More Pipelines Act’ is being enacted into law by the federal government.

On Wednesday, the Liberals proclaimed Bill C-69, which overhauls the environmental review process for major infrastructure projects, into law after it was passed by the Senate in June.

Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage and Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer responded swiftly to the news saying they will be launching a constitutional challenge against this ‘discriminatory piece of legislation’.

“As we have said loudly and repeatedly, this act is an unconstitutional attack on Alberta and our vital economic interests. It will make it virtually impossible for any future pipelines and other critical infrastructure projects that Canadians depend on – including electricity infrastructure and transmission lines, renewables, ports, railways and highways – to be approved in Canada.”

The pair add it is baffling that a federal government would proclaim this act when nine out of 10 provinces are opposed to it in whole or in part.

“This is a dark day for Alberta and Canada as a whole.”

Before the Bill was approved by the Senate, the Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources were in Fort McMurray in April as part of a cross-country tour hearing from affected parties.

Mayor Don Scott told the panel Bill C-69 could encourage businesses and people to look away from Fort McMurray.

“The wealth that’s created out of Alberta and out of this region impacts everyone in a positive way, so let’s make sure we’re taking steps and that we have legislation that’s helping people not hurting people.”

The UCP’s haven’t announced a date when they will launch a legal challenge.

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