Province Closing Gregoire Lake Provincial Park For Rest of Season

Gregoire Lake Provincial Park is closing for the rest of the season.

Crews had been working to clear around 100 trees after winds caused them to fall across the park last week, forcing staff to evacuate the area.

The province says wet conditions and fire-damaged soils from the Horse River wildfire made it easier for healthy trees to blow over.

“We are looking at all options to ensure that we can offer a safe and reliable service to park users,” said Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, in a release.

“Although our decision to close the park will affect camping opportunities for the last few weeks of summer, our top priority is always the safety of Albertans.”

The GoA also believes areas around these trees weren’t fully mitigated as the trees looked to be in good condition.

Over the coming months, the provincial government plans to examine how fire-affected areas in the park can be restored safely.

Gregoire Lake Provincial Park is expected to re-open by the 2020 camping season.

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