Fort McMurray Dart Players Aim For Bulls-eye At Alberta Masters Games

Fort McMurray’s Dart community has made quite a name for itself.

The Alberta Masters Games took place this weekend, with Stephanie Higdon, Marlena Bennett and Crystal Ash all placing inside the top ten in the province.

Meanwhile, on the men’s side, Gilbert Jaleco came in 5th and Andrew Wall placed 14th.

Higdon – who finished 6th place – tells Mix News she’s thrilled with how she played through the weekend.

“On Saturday, my darts were a lot better, but I struggled with my doubles when it was a bit more competitive. So, I definitely learned that it’s not so much I have to work on my doubles but just need to do it in a competitive setting.”

Higdon notes it was great to be able to experience competitive darts at such a high level.

Wall echoes that sentiment – saying it was a great showing by all the players who came out of Fort McMurray.

“Probably one of the most competitive dart communities in the country if not, on a greater scale. Some of our greater players didn’t even get a chance to participate. We have a lot of talent in the area and we will rival any community and any city as far as competitiveness, skill and talent goes.”

Wall says he’s looking ahead to his next competition – Edmonton’s Klondike Open, set for October.

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