Fort McMurray Showing Solidarity With Kashmir

Fort McMurray is standing in solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

On Sunday, hundreds gathered outside the Provincial Building to protest the injustices happening to the people of Kashmir.

The rally stems from the Indian government’s decision to revoke Article 370 of its constitution – which would have granted Kashmir autonomy as its own state.

Rally organizer Shada Fatima tells Mix News the world needs to know what the Indian government and its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, are doing to the Kashmiri.

“He is a racist, he is a tyrant and he is the Hitler of 2019,” Fatima said. “He’s a butcher and he is trying to increase the economic condition of the region by doing this? By butchering human beings? No, he cannot.”

The article acknowledges the special status of Kashmir as independent and its ability to formulate laws for its permanent residents.

With many Kashmiri being killed or persecuted, rally organizer Shada Fatima tells Mix News they will continue to speak out until justice is served.

“Even though there is a communication blackout, no cyber, no cable, no internet access, but we have a voice and we will continue to use our voices until they restore the freedom, peace and human rights in Kashmir.”

Fatima notes around 70,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed by Indian forces.

She says the goal of the rally is simply to expose the injustices happening to the Kashmiri at the hands of the Indian government.

“We are continuously organizing these kinds of rallies, again and again, to expose Modi’s face all over the world for what he is. This is the main reason why we organized this rally.”

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