Local Sports Hall of Fame Donating $40K To KidSport Wood Buffalo

KidSport Wood Buffalo is receiving funds to help them allow kids to play registered sports.

The Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame announced on Wednesday they’re donating $40,000 over the next two years to the non-profit.

This is the first wave of funding the organization plans to donate soon as plans are in place to help out Keyano College and the Fort McMurray Public and Catholic School Districts.

Speaking to reporters, President of the WB Hall of Fame Owen Erskine says these funds should go farther than just helping kids play the sport they love.

“A lot of kids in Fort McMurray are moving from somewhere else, whether it’s within Canada or somewhere else in the world, so a lot of families maybe aren’t connected so sports can give you those connections.”

In 2018, KidSport Wood Buffalo helped 521 kids play sports. On average, they provide around $600 for each youth.

Executive Director Jamal-e-Fatima Rafat adds these funds will give them more opportunities to help out even more across Wood Buffalo.

“That could go up to 40 children playing a sport for a whole season that they want to participate in for each one of those years.”

She notes the organization has seen a steady rise in clients since the Horse River Wildfire.

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