Regional Recreation Corporation Unveil Newly Named “Legacy Dodge Field”

The Fort McMurray Giants have a new name for their home field.

On Tuesday, the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo announced a deal with Legacy Dodge that will see the park renamed.

For the next five years, the park will be known as ‘Legacy Dodge Field’.

CEO for the RRC Greg Walsh tells Mix News a lot of work has been done to make this deal a reality.

“Obviously, this is a major partnership for us. One of our key amenities at MacDonald Island Park, so, it’s something that takes time to cultivate and our team has worked very hard with the folks at Legacy to put this together over the last several months.”

Walsh notes this is just another instance of local businesses investing and giving back.

“I think the biggest thing for us is just pride in our partnerships with the local business community. We get a lot of support from them and this is just another example of how they step up to support MacDonald Island Park and the RRC.”

Next August, the newly named park will also be host to the 2020 Canada Baseball Cup – bringing some of the best players in the country to Fort McMurray.

General Manager for Legacy Dodge Mike Brown says with MacDonald Island being such a focal point to the community – this agreement made perfect sense.

“It’s a hub for fitness, families and all activities,” Brown said. “That’s what we’re about, a family-owned business, proud to be in Fort McMurray. We just wanted to give back to the main hub of the community and we felt Mac Island was the best way to do that.”

In correlation with the partnership, the Wood Buffalo Kids Program is receiving $12,500 in monetary contributions to ensure every kid can afford to have fun.

The WB Kids Program provides financial assistance to support youth and families facing barriers to participation in sport, recreation, social and cultural programs and activities.

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