SPCA Changing Name To Wood Buffalo Humane Society

The Fort McMurray SPCA is changing its name to the Wood Buffalo Humane Society.

The organization is updating their name after being called the SPCA for around 40 years.

Despite the name change, their services will remain the same.

Executive Director Arianna Johnson tells Mix News they felt this name will better represent what they offer for the entire region.

“We take in animals from all of our rural communities, all of our First Nation and Mtis communities as well as the Urban Service Area, so we really felt it was important to move away from the Fort McMurray statement and move to Wood Buffalo.”

She adds many of their animals, especially dogs, come from the rural areas.

“We really want to be inclusive of those communities, help them understand that we are here to help them, as well as Fort McMurray itself, whether they need to surrender an animal or they want to adopt an animal.”

Johnson notes, typically, SPCA’s are known for protection, enforcement, and prevention of animal cruelty which they haven’t done for years.

Right now, the municipality oversees this service.

Meanwhile, the WBHS is also looking at starting programs in the rural communities aimed at providing spay and neuter clinics, vaccines, microchips, and more for pet owners.

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