Keyano Adopting New Free Speech Policy, Applauded by Provincial Government

Keyano College is being applauded by the provincial government for introducing a new free speech policy.

The school’s Board of Governors voted unanimously on July 11 to support a new set of principles aimed at freedom of expression, also known as the Chicago Statement on Free Expression.

The policies include free speech that doesn’t violate Canadian law, ensuring institutions are free and open to all students, allowing people to question other views expressed on campus and more.

“Free speech is not only at the heart of the academic experience but it is also an essential pillar of democracy,” said Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Advanced Education, in a release.

“It is important that our post-secondary institutions remain bastions of free-thinking and dialogue, where all members are able to engage in true discovery and learning.

The province is continuing to encourage other post-secondary schools to adopt this new set of principles or develop their own that are compliant with the Chicago Statement.

“Citizens have the right to pronounce their opinions, morals, ethics and world views within the limits of Canadian law, and institutions should not attempt to shield students from these ideas,” added Brent Davis, first vice-chair, Keyano College Board of Governors.

“At the same time, people have the right to criticize and question other views expressed on campus, within the same limits.”

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