It’s time to put your planning aside and let us handle the details!

Party Crashers is back in action!

Whether you’re partying in a backyard, kitchen, or garage, 100.5 CRUZ FM wants to be there! And you best believe we won’t be empty handed!

We’ve got the jams, A & W has the delicious party grub and Noral Toyota will set you up with a Terrace Park Outdoor Propane fireplace!

All you have to do is have your party on a Friday and enter it for a chance to win!

We’ll announce the party winners on Friday’s and crash a party every other Friday, starting on June 16th!

Winner announce dates:
August 25th


PARTY CRASHING DATES [AKA You should round up your crew and party on this day]:
September 1st

CRUZ Crew to show up at party with music at 8PM, food to be brought at 8:30PM and provided music will end at 10PM.

100.5 CRUZ FM and sponsors are not responsible for anything that happens at your party after 10PM. Alcohol is in no way provided by CRUZ FM or their affiliated sponsors.*

Party Crashers, presented by Noral Toyota, A & W and 100.5 CRUZ FM!